Lisbon Culinary Experience
Visit the traditional hole-in-the-wall bakeries famed for their warm, freshly baked breads and eggy, sweet tarts. But your egg adventure won’t end there. Ovos (eggs) are an essential ingredient in all Portuguese cuisine. They’re poached in soups and açordas (bread stew); fried on top of steaks, mixed in sausages and sandwiches; blended into many of their beloved bacalhau (salted cod) dishes; and beaten with sugar and cinnamon in numerous desserts and sweets. You’ll explore heaps of these delicious recipes alongside a wide range of Portuguese wines. Explore the undiscovered flavors of traditional canned fish, savory petiscos (Portuguese small bites), craft Portuguese beer and a range of freshly picked fruit and nuts. By the end of this tour, your love of Portuguese cuisine will not only deepen, but you’ll have a profound sense of saudade – a sense of longing and missing combined with a paradoxical joy and hope for the yet distant future. In short, you’ll be booking your next culinary trip to Portugal the minute you get home!


  • Savor a wide variety of Portuguese foods that have made Lisbon a gastronomical hub of Europe
  • Learn about a passionate food culture that’s been passed on for generations
  • Discover Lisbon’s traditional neighborhoods with your local English speaking guide
  • Explore the budding Portuguese craft beer movement
  • Discover a wide range of wines from Portugal’s many undiscovered regions









Half Day

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The entire experience was wonderful and met all of our expectations. Our tour included several days in and near Lisbon, and then five days in Porto and the wineries and vineyards along the Douro River. All aspects of the tour were planned to provide an exceptional experience for our group of eleven friends. Our tour guide, Ryan Opaz, was extremely knowledgeable about the wines, the Quintas, the history of Port and Portuguese table wine and the country of Portugal. Finally, the food was amazing and included several dinners and lunches with wine makers who had personal relationships with Ryan. The tour and experience could not have been better!

Cornell Anderson

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