Lisbon Jewish Culture and Cuisine Experience
Portuguese Jews are Sephardic in culture, language, and gastronomic tradition – meaning, their origin and family tree binds them to the shared Jewish traits of the Mediterranean. Elements of Sephardic food and drink can be found in Spain, Morocco, Iraq, and Italy, but Portugal left its distinctive mark on the Sephardic legacy. Bound up in the cataclysm that was the Inquisition, many of the Jewish food-ways of Portugal have their origin in a story that is as bittersweet as it is interesting. This full day Jewish culinary experience is not only engaging and rich in cultural and historical information, but its primary focus is exclusively on Portuguese-Jewish food and kosher wine.


  • Expert Jewish guide, as well as a trained chef and sommelier
  • Cultural and historical walking tour through Lisbon’s ancient Jewish Quarter
  • Sumptuous food tour through an iconic fresh food and hip gastro market
  • Private Sephardic feast with an assortment of kosher wine and food







Jewish, Food


Full Day

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Catavino arranged a trip for my client through Portugal. My client is a single woman traveling alone and she had the time of her life! I felt very good about having her in Catavino's hands. Thank you for introducing her to Portugal in such a wonderful manner.

Kathryn Schutz, Largay Travel

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