Porto Walking Food Tour
This delicious food tour is more than a culinary experience, it’s a love letter to Porto highlighting the city’s history, architecture and culture every step of the way! It’s a rare opportunity to tantalize your tastebuds with northern Portuguese flavors, explore narrow cobble streets and meet the locals that bring Porto’s gastronomy to life. What makes northern Portuguese cuisine? Fat juicy sardines and mouthwatering mackerel, delicious Portuguese beef from long-horned mountain cattle, and flavorful pork which makes smoky and savory charcuterie. And let's not forget Portugal's blossoming craft beers, traditional Portuguese wine and delicate tea production. You'll also find carts brimming with freshly harvested vegetables, fruits, herbs and nuts, a feast for the vegans and vegetarians among you. So grab a pair of sturdy shoes, a healthy appetite and a desire to savor some amazing Portuguese flavors, because this is not a tour to miss.


  • 10 food tastings exploring the vast diversity, and rich history, of Portuguese food
  • Visit a 100 year-old open-air-market brimming with grandmother recipes
  • Meander through the windy cobblestone alleys while learning about Porto’s textured past









3.5 hours

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From initial contact on, Catavino, was both professional and very welcoming. Every detail was looked after! Their cars, drivers, tour guides, choice of hotels, train bookings, and scheduling is done with a "James Bond" like precision. It made for one of the most unforgettable weeks of holidaying ever! All our contacts spoke English very well, were punctual, and each took time for us. They accommodated requests all the while, never compromising scheduled times or our enjoyment.They were ultra-friendly and personable while being professional and allowing us private times as we enjoyed them! If you ever have a chance to see Portugal - contact Catavino! Allow yourself the indulgence, taking away the stress and planning of travel; making the connections; choosing the right sites; finding local transport and lodging etc!

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