Porto Walking Tour: The History of Portugal in 5 Glasses
Discover the history and culture behind Portugal's iconic beverages. Meandering through Porto's winding cobbled streets, you'll learn how the Portuguese have shaped our culture and habits through their love of coffee, tea, beer, wine and spirits. Tour five distinct venues that exemplify the very best of each of these seminal beverages, along with historical and cultural insights of the majestic city of Porto. We begin our tour with majestic family owned cafe adorned with local masterpieces. Following a freshly brewed espresso, we'll head towards a beautifully restored 900 year old granite building that was once a public hospital to sample Portuguese ‘espumante’ made in the traditional Champagne style. Next up, a rustic beer hang out with traditional trimmings (both edible and social), followed by a classical Tea salon that has been serving the great and the good of Porto for decades. Finally, we wrap up our tour at Catavino's ‘Lab’ for an in depth VIP tasting of the finest grapes from master vintners. Experience the flavors, notes and artisan practices of Douro producers in our den of liquid experimentation!

Walking Tour Highlights:

  • Exclusive access to the lesser known venues of downtown Porto.
  • The finest beverages in the best places.
  • Sample Portuguese “Champagne” in a 900 year old granite stone building of splendor.
  • Traditional coffee in the presence of a grand-master casually hanging from the ceiling.
  • Beer in a traditional “tasqua,” the definitive Portuguese style of bar serving the most authentic beverages.
  • Unusual teas and restorative infusions in a fine tea salon.
  • A new take on an old favorite, wine-tasting designed by a knight of the Port Wine Brotherhood.

Praça das Cardosas




Porto, Portugal


Drinks and History


3.5 hrs

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The tour brought us to places we might not have discovered by ourselves and the stories showed us a fun side of Portuguese history. More importantly, it was great to get a chance to taste some many interesting traditional drinks. Highly recommend the 5 glasses tour!

Lynn Salt

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