Portuguese Wine Experiences
Portugal lays claim to founding one of the very first demarcated wine regions and has one of the most diverse collections of native grapes in the world. From light, effervescent white Vinho Verde wines in the north, to intense flavor-driven still and fortified wines in the Douro, and from sweet and unctuous dessert wines in Setubal to spicy, rich reds in the Alentejo, there really is no one “flavor” that encompasses Portugal. Consider this your vinous playground! With Catavino, we can help you experience a Portuguese harvest where you can picnic in the vineyards, have a private dinner with the winemaker, or foot trod grapes in a traditional lagar. For nature lovers, we have extensive hikes through old vines, exclusive blending workshops, a vertical tasting of amphora (talha) wines, and historical tours through UNESCO heritage wine regions. Catavino will help you find unique experiences that are tailored to your specific needs!

Inspiration for your next trip:

  • Enjoy a hands-on cooking class with a Michelin-star chef
  • Take a Portuguese wine tasting with the author of Foot Trodden
  • Taste your birthyear Port or Madeira wine
  • Stay in a giant, luxuriously appointed wine barrel surrounded by vineyards
  • Visit low-intervention wineries and dine with the winemakers


Catavino offers the best in unique, personalized wine tourism. They have such strong bonds to the community and are able to craft a visit unlike any other. They tailored our experience directly to our wants and provided unparalleled hospitality and service. I could not recommend them enough! We will definitely be repeat clients upon our inevitable return to Portugal.

Charlie Bock, 2022

Want to experience a luxury bespoke tour?

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