Douro Valley
The Douro river is the life force of the region for which she is named. Wild and beautiful, she is the source of the Douro Valley's dramatic terraced and vine-covered landscape. To visit is a humbling and jaw-dropping experience that we suggest all of our traveler's experience. With Catavino, you can experience small low-intervention wineries, privately catered picnics in the vineyards, private breadmaking class with a third-generation baker, cruises on traditional rabelo boats, leisurely trekking through grape-covered mountains, and exclusive wine tastings with award-winning winemakers. Catavino will help you find unique experiences that are tailored to your specific needs!  

Inspiration for your next trip:

  • Tredd grapes in a traditional lagar
  • Relax in a 5-star luxury spa
  • Join the harvest festival with local winemakers
  • Food and culture experience in Lamego
  • Forage an edible garden to include in a cooking class

Douro Valley Exclusive Experiences

Do you want to experience a custom made tour?

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