With a wealth of quality ingredients and a history of traditional dishes, it’s not difficult to come to Rioja with high expectations. Rioja is known as a cornerstone for outstanding produce which provides the foundation for its simple yet quality-driven gastronomy. From grapes that craft internationally recognized wines to artichokes, garlic, asparagus, peas and peppers. And let’s not forget its notable goat and lamb products whose aromas can be savored when tossed over grapevines on open pits, this is not an area to miss! With Catavino you can experience, wine tasting sessions with sold-out Premium wines, Michelin-star catered meals on breathtaking, exclusive outdoor terraces, wine tastings of old vintages, private meals in the mountains via horseback, Michelin-star lunches paired with multiple wines, exclusive tastings in private wine cellars. Catavino will find unique experiences that are specifically tailored to your needs!

Inspiration for your next trip:

  • Tour one of the oldest wineries in Rioja
  • Experience local wine festivals
  • Climb, ski or bungee jump in the Parque Natural Sierra Cebollera
  • Begin your contemplative journey along the Caminho de Santiago
  • Meet the founder of one of the best wine museums in the world

Want to experience a luxury bespoke tour?

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